Three Ways To Secure Your Home Before You Travel This Fall

Posted on: 7 October 2015

If you're planning a trip this fall, it's easy for your mind to be filled with visions of memorable family moments at tourist attractions. Before you pack your bags and hit the road, however, you shouldn't overlook the necessity of keeping your home secure while you're away. Home break-ins are more than an invasion of your personal space -- they can also increase your home insurance premium. Keep your insurance rate low by doing all you can to ensure your home is secure before you leave on vacation. Here are three ways to get started.

Install A Security System

Having a home security system installed isn't something you should necessarily leave until you're ready for a vacation -- it's ideal to have in place at all times. Not only does a security system make your home more secure and lessen the risk of a break-in, but it also can lower your home insurance premium right off the bat. Although there are many home security products available on the market, consider opting for a video monitored system. This type of system includes video cameras installed inside your home, which is more of a deterrent to thieves and more likely to give you a better insurance rate. If you haven't made time for having a system installed, do so before you hit the road.

Make Your Yard Burglar-Unfriendly

A little hard work in your yard before you leave on your vacation can deter burglars from targeting your home. Trim any areas that are overgrown, as these hedges, gardens, and trees can provide shadowy hiding spots for people observing your home. It's also ideal to install decorative lights around your yard that also serve as a security measure. A light that shines up a tree, for example, gives your home a welcoming appearance but also illuminates what might otherwise be a shadowy yard. Lights around the perimeter of your home and even at the end of your driveway are also ideal.

Get Help From Neighbours

Identify a couple trusted neighbours in your community and let them know that you'll be away from home. Arrange to have them perform a few simple duties that give your home a lived-in feel, such as picking up the mail, taking out the garbage and mowing the lawn if you're away long enough that it needs attention. You can also ask one of the neighbours to park his or her extra vehicle in your driveway or invite the neighbour's children to play on your lawn to give anyone who passes by the idea that your home is occupied.

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