College Students Who Can't Afford Auto Insurance: Lower Your Bills With These Tricks

Posted on: 22 July 2015

If you are a broke college student and you can barely make your auto insurance payments, you need to make sure you're claiming all of your discounts. There are a lot of different discounts you may be missing out on because you don't know about them, or you don't know that you qualify.

If you have recently became a better student, you have moved out of the dorms into nicer housing, and you want to put some time into improving your driving, you can cut down those monthly insurance payments. Here are a few things to consider.

You've Improved Your Grades

Did you go from an average student to making the dean's list? If you did, that you could help you get a discount on your auto insurance coverage policy. If you are getting good grades, some insurance companies will allow you to utilize the good student insurance discount until you are 25 years old, so make sure you keep studying so you can keep saving. Providing

New Housing Arrangement

 If you have moved and you no longer live on campus where there are hundreds of cars crammed into a parking lot and a lot of break-ins, to an area where there is a low crime rate, call your insurance provider to talk about the relocation. If your car is in a safer area and less likely to experience vandalism or get broken into, your rate should go down. If you have sheltered parking and even security, this should also help you get a lowered rate.

You Take a Defensive Driving Course

A defensive driving course is a program that teaches you how to drive avoid a collision, and how to avoid poor drivers on the road. Taking this course can earn you a discount on your auto insurance, and you can usually take the course online. Sacrificing a short amount of time to take this course will not only make you a better driver, but help keep money in your pocket.

Talk with your auto insurance agent to see if they think you can do more to save. You may be missing out on a paperless discount, where you get your statements electronically instead of in the mail, or a low mileage discount, if you don't drive very far throughout the year. Don't waste any more money that you don't want to spend on high auto insurance rates, and look for these discounts.